Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fun Book Tag and Jodi Picoult

I found this 'book tag' on a blog this morning while I was 'blurfing'. It looked like fun SO if you're reading this....consider yourself 'book tagged'!!
Here's what you do:
1. Pick up the book nearest you.
2. Turn to page 56.
3. Post sentences 2-5.
4. Be honest and don't go find a "cool" book!

The closest book to me was:
The Pact, a love story by Jodi Picoult.
Jodi Picoult is a FAVORITE Author in THIS home, I think Nikki and I MUST be her BIGGEST fans!!! :) I first 'found' her with the book My Sister's Keeper. If you haven't read it already, GET IT, borrow it, steal it (JK), WHATEVER you have to do to read it. It's AWESOME!!!!!

Pg 56, sentences 2-5 from The Pact: a love story:

"Then it should come as no surprise," she said evenly, flipping to the final page of the autopsy, "when I tell you that Emily was pregnant."

"ELEVEN WEEKS," Melanie said dully. "She knew for two months. I should have known. Tampons never made it to the shopping list."

Nikki said, just like her (Jodi Picoult) others, this book was GREAT!!
Now I will need to finish the book I JUST bought last night. I THINK the name of the new book I'm reading is Just Alice. It looks like it's going to be a REAL GOOD one too. I'll let you know. :)
Enjoy your weekend! -S