Sunday, November 30, 2008

The goings on this past week.....or so...

What's been going on at Casa de Flores?? Ohhh, a little bit 'a this, a little bit 'a that.....
You know, I've NEVER been a huge Thanksgiving fan. I don't know why just haven't. I moved away from home after High School and I can probably count on one hand how many times I've been 'home' for Thanksgiving. Often times, especially when the kids were babies and Joe was working, it was 'just another day' for us.
I asked my friend Sonia if they were going to do anything for Thanksgiving and she said she they weren't 'big Thanksgiving people either'. She proceeded to tell me, 'We're thankful EVERY day. We don't NEED a special day to show our thanksgiving.' I've thought about that a lot this week and I agree.
Honestly, it probably would have been just another day this year but my Samuel wanted to do Thanksgiving. How could I turn him down?! So Thanksgiving we did. Nothing big. Dinner with most all the fix'in's. We're not big turkey fans so we don't USUALLY do turkey anyways, we often times do ham. Nikki LOVES, 'Dad's Famous Ham', so ham it was again this year!! Before we could all 'dig in' we went around the table sharing some of the things we are thankful for. I had to work Thanksgiving night so I prepared as much as I could in the morning. I even made some cannoli. [Cannoli is Italian pastry, for those of you who don't know, and I'm pretty sure it's my FAVORITE. Where I grew up there was this awesome Italian bakery/Deli (Frances) that made THE BEST cannoli, among other things...oh, their sandwich rolls were TO DIE for!!! And they had these BIG pickles....Mmmmm. I was a synchronized swimmer when I was younger and we always had practice on Saturdays so we'd go up to Frances for lunch. The BEST sandwiches ever, chips, sometimes a pickle and THE BEST (BIG) cookies. Mmmmm. Memories. Frances isn't there anymore. :( ] I cheated a little bit....I made the filling but I had some cannoli shells my mom had sent from home AND I had Nikki make up some pizzelle's (an Italian cookie)-my mom bought me a pizzelle iron a few years ago...pizzelle's are ANOTHER one of my FAVORITES!! We made up the pizzelle's and rolled them around the cannolli forms we have and then stuffed them. Mmmmm.......
We had an early 'dinner' and I took my 'prework nap'.
I worked the next 3 nights and here I am off only for 2 before I go back for 3.
I almost forgot to share the BEST NEWS of ALL!!!
I go back for three BUT it will be my LAST 12 hour THREE! I gave my notice last week at the hospital. Yes, it's true.......because I got a job at a clinic!!! I've been having a hard time being away from Joe and especially the kids in the evening. I'd thought about a clinic job before and just didn't persue it. Well, lately it's just really been HEAVY on my heart. I NEED to be home with my kids. THEY are my priority. I've just been 10 years will I be happy with the choice I made to work 12 hour NIGHTS, sleeping MOST of my off days? Not being home with my kids in the evenings for dinner and bedtime WHEN THEY are home? And then I'd think....Samuel will only be little ONCE, am I willing to give away that time, that goes by SO QUICKLY anyways, for a job?! The answer I kept getting was, a LOUD and CLEAR NO! So, I looked for a job, found one, applied and GOT IT!! The hours vary slightly...7:30-4:30, 8-5 or 8:30-5:30. I will have to work every 7th Saturday until 12:30 but it's overtime. They offer a lot of good benefits so I'm happy and thankful about that but MOST importantly I'll be home with my family in the evenings AND another added bonus.....NO more working holidays for me!! Yes, it's true....I won't have any more 5 days in a row off. As NICE as 5 days off in a row sounds the truth of the matter is I often got LESS done in my 5 days off than I did in my 3. It's hard to go anywhere for a mini vacation or anything when you have children in school and the rest of your friends are working!!
I will be commuting now. The hospital is about 6 minutes away which WAS NICE. The clinic I'll be working at is 22 minutes away.....I clocked it the other day,{teeheehee}, but it's alright. You'll remember, I have a nice, new car with a awesome audio system--I don't mind driving. :) And thank heavens, the gas prices are better!! It SURE was NICE to gas up the other day for $37 and change instead of $70 something-$80!!!
SO that's what's been going on over here and......I'm EXCITED!!!
I'll just leave you with a few random pictures of 'my boys' (minus one)...

He actually had his eyes OPEN! What is it with this guy that nearly all the pictures you take of him, his eyes are closed!!!! AND LOOK!!! He's been keeping his hair short. Isn't he handsome!!!!
And Sammo........
He's just getting SO big!!
He spent the night (and day today) at a friends house. By the time he got home this evening (5pm) I was still sleeping....
It was SOOO nice to see him when I woke up. He's SUCH a 'momma's boy' but I LOVE IT!!! I just can't EVER seem to get enough 'Momma Love' from him!!
I'd HOPED to get our Christmas tree and decorations started today but.....mmm, nope. It didn't happen. Maybe I'll pull everything out tomorrow and we'll start on it tomorrow night when the kids get home?! Some of you may remember that our friend Chris was staying with us last year, while his house was being built, and he helped 'decorate'. Oh it was fun AND FUNNY.....he and Joe together....oh dear.......I'll have to give him a jingle and see if/when he's available for the decorating fun!!! :)
That's all for now. :)
Enjoy your week!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nikki went to Tolo

Of course I had to work......
I SHOULD have just asked to come in's true. But I didn't. Next time.....
I did wake up early to serve her and some friends dinner and be there for a short time while they were getting ready. AND Joe dropped her by the hospital after he picked her up so at least I could see her all dressed and all. She was beautiful as see now how she got her nickname 'Beauty'.
Here are some pics I snagged from Cynthia's (one of her BF's) myspace:

Nikki and Salvador, before Tolo, here at the house.
Salvador didn't go........

Cynthia, Devon and Nikki

Vanessa, Cynthia and Nikki
{BEST FRIENDS & Sister's of the heart}
Aren't they just beautiful?!?!?!
This one is dark, yes......
Cynthia, Nikki and Kyndra
Nikki's dress wasn't MY first pick but Nikki likes it and I tell you, I think she could make a burlap bag look good!!
Nikki didn't take her camera. Yes, I know. Nikki was the Camera Queen for a while. I KNEW I'd get to see some good pictures....but for whatever reason she's not been AS into her camera for the past little while. I don't know why but I hope she gets back INTO taking pictures.
Now to post on my facebook acct.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's what's for dinner.......

....for my family anyways. I work tonight and I don't usually eat before I leave so I don't know that I'll have any tonight. Maybe it will be SO good and they will like it SO much that there will be NONE left in the morning?! Maybe I'd better set a bowl aside....just in case.

So, what is it??? Well, it's Tuscan White Bean and Sausage Stew from the 29 minutes to dinner cookbook from Pampered Chef. It smells wonderful. I figure I'll serve it with a loaf of french bread....Pillsbury style tonight folks. :)

ALSO, check this out!!!

I FINALLY got a light fixture for this area. You should have only SEEN the one that used to hang there........some of you have......lets just say it was VERY outdated. We bought this one some time ago...Joe just hadn't taken the time to install it. If you could have only seen HOW he installed it. That's a pretty darned high ceiling there. Instead of going out and buying another ladder, that he probably wouldn't have any other use for, he put the ladder he does have, which by the way, is pretty tall itself on top, YES! ON TOP of our old kitchen table--real safe huh?! Well, it's done. I'm sure if he'd fallen and hurt, or killed himself, I'd be singing a different tune. The ONLY thing...........It's not quite as low as I'd like it but that's all the chain that came with it. There is plenty of wiring so we just have to pick up the right chain next time we're at Home Depot or something.
I'm off to get a few things done before it's time to take a nap before work tonight. Joe should be home any time now, he went hunting AGAIN over Colville way. They didn't get anything. Bad year for many I understand. Hopefully we'll have a few minutes to 'visit' before I hit the hay!!
Enjoy the rest of your week.......that's ALMOST over!!! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Halloween BOOquet

I forgot to share with you my Halloween Boo-quet from my dear friend Sandra.
Check it out:

How stinkin' CUTE is that right??
She delivered it to work. I was SO surprised to have gotten flowers. My husband has NEVER been one to buy flowers. He'll pick me flowers every now and again....sometimes more than others just depending on the time of year, but buy them....mmm, not so much. He asks, 'Why? They're just going to die anyways.' Hmmm, yeah but they are nice. EVERY now and again he will but I can probably count on one hand in the 17 years we've been married.......
SO, I was so excited to get these!
And look at the 'broom'!
How clever is THAT!!
I left them at the Nurse's Station for a few days, while I was working, so visitors and who ever else could enjoy them as well. :)
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sandra if I haven't told you already. I LOVE my flowers. That was SO sweet of you. You SO made my day!!! :)

ALWAYS my baby.....

Nikki took this picture of me and Samuel last night...well, really EARLY Sunday morning. He woke up and came out and cuddled up with me on the sofa. He's such a 'Momma's Boy' and I LOVE it!! I'm gonna get AS MUCH of it as I can because before too long, he's probably not going to want to 'cuddle' or give me my 'momma love' as much, so I'll take AS MUCH as I can get now. I remember when he was a baby and I'd hold him, I kind of knew he'd be our last, I'd just sit there cuddling him HOPING if I did it often and long enough that I wouldn't forget what it 'felt' like. My goodness they get big SO fast don't they?! I was just looking at pictures of Samuel when he was a year and a half-two years old, earlier this morning, and I thought, 'MY GOSH! That seems SO LONG ago-I can hardly remember him being SO little.' Kinda makes me sad...........
Alright, before I start boo-hooing..........
SO-after gettin' my 'momma love' fix and put Samuel back to bed, I played around a bit with my camera. I'd TOTALLY forgotten all the COOL things this camera does! Well, this is one of them....kinda KEWL huh?
That's all I got for today.
Have a FANTABULOUS week!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Harvest Party

I made mention in my last post Samuel's Harvest Party at school last week, on Friday. I woke up early so I could attend. I don't go to a lot of things at the school these days because often times I'm working so I decided that I was going to wake up early and go on over to THIS one.
WHAT a GREAT job they did over there. WOW!!
They had a TON a FUN activities for the kids.

Here's Samuel after he got his face painted for the FIRST time. He ended up getting a scar on his other cheek.

They had some REALLY talented face painters. Both Joe and I were impressed.

Pumpkin bowling........

The boys LOVED this....and you should have seen the poor pumpkin- all duct taped

...starting to 'spill it's guts'. LOL

Gourd painting. Someone brought a HUGE box of gourds so the kids each picked one and drew on it. They enjoyed it.

Samuel showing his off for Mom.



Honestly, I don't think kids ever outgrow bubbles. I know I EVEN like bubbles!!!

The kids played out with the bubbles for as long as they could....until the teachers encouraged them to let the other kids get a chance.....

They also had stuff to decorate bags and then the kids could take a handful of goodies (like OTC stuff) to put in their bag. They had a station where they could color a face mask-Samuel did one up with Joe's help. Joe really is a creative guy.

ANOTHER thing the kids LOVED was a big 'ol box filled with shredded paper and little trinket toys (OTC again). One of the 'hit's' (for the boys anyways) was those little man toys with the sticky balls on the hands and feet. The kids throw them up the wall and they 'walk' down.
One of these guys..........
The boys totally digged 'em.
They also had a trail mix. They had each of the kids bring in a baggie full of something 'healthy' to contribute to the mix (dry cereal, nuts, raisins, cheez it's, pretzels etc...) They had a HUGE bowl FULL. What a great idea instead of candy right?!
There was another table with apples and caramel and a ginormous cake.
WHAT A FUN TIME!!! I was SO glad I went and Samuel was SO happy Mom and Dad were there!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


This is Samuel's pumpkin. He carved it ALL by himself. No bad!! He was kind of disappointed because the one eye is so crooked.....I like it. I think it makes it look all the better!!
Happy Halloween!!! :)
Really......anyone who really knows me knows that I'm not a huge Halloween fan.
My 'favorite' Halloween was when I was 24!
I was pregnant with Nikki and went trick or treating with my siblings as a bunch of grapes.
It rained.
Do you know HOW difficult it is getting in and out of a vehicle with a bazillion blown up balloons pinned all over your body?!
Lets just say I've had easier tasks! :)
The year Samuel was born we decided we'd just start taking the kids somewhere fun for dinner or something instead of the whole trick or treat thing. It worked well for a while.....until we moved here and had less 'fun' options so the past 2 or 3 years the kids have gone out trick or treating....
THIS year, however, we went to a friends house for a Halloween party and OH MY GOSH did we have a good time!!! It was a dress up party. I was scheduled to work so I didn't get a costume thinking I wasn't going to be able to make it but GUESS WHAT??? I was lucky enough to get low censused Friday night and I was able to GO to that party!! WOOHOO!! I just HAVE to share a few pictures:
Here's Joe and Jim. OH MY GOSH if he (Jim) didn't have me HYSTERICAL all night long. If you can't tell, he's a 'biker babe'. OH MY GOODNESS he CRACKS ME UP!! And Joe....yeah, well, lets just say he's a hillbilly of sorts.................. What a pair those two!! LOLOL
OH! But you've GOT to get the FULL effect of Jim........

Just relooking at these pictures this morning I crack up. LOLOL

Here's Samuel:
Joe picked up a little face painting kit thing for him, UGH!
Our own little 'Chamuco'. Of course he had to follow his dad's suit and wear some 'redneck teefers'.
UGH again!
Joe did his makeup, which I gotta say was pretty good.......I guess.
His class had a 'Harvest Party' earlier in the day so he still had the bat and scar that he had painted on his face from there. I'll post pics of that next........
Nikki was going to be the rabbit from Alice In Wonderland. She bought all the stuff she said she needed and then never ended up dressing up after all. None of the older kids did actually.
Bonnie, Jim's wife, did a GREAT job. She had ALL KINDS of decorations up, the place looked GREAT!! She even had prizes for the kids!! They decorated pumpkins and did all kind of fun things....and then they watched scarey movies all night long. Yikes. That's NOT for me. I'm NOT a scarey movie kind of a girl.
Bonnie says they're going to make this party an annual deal. I know where WE'LL be next year!!!!! :)