Wednesday, December 24, 2008

-11 degrees

THAT was the temperature reading in my car yesterday morning when I left for work at 7:20am! Brrrrrrr!!
It DID snow again the other day....

How much snow do we have??? Yeah, good question. I'm not one to keep track of all of that all I know is it's COLD and there's a LOT of snow and I'm REALLY happy I have the auto start on my car. Brrrrrrr.
I'm getting ready to order a pair of snow pants from LL Bean OR Lands End though because if it's gonna be here (the snow), I might as well 'enjoy' it as warmly as I can right?!

We went to some friends of ours house the other day. They have a VERY nice log home that they're pretty much remodeling. Look at their Christmas trees....OVER THE TOP!!!
This one is GINORMOUS! I don't know just how tall it is but it's HUGE! You can barely, kind of see Joe there to the far right. He was standing up. Now, he's not tall by any means...average height 5'9" or so?? Bonnie still had to decorate this tree--can you imagine?!
I KNOW when Bonnie is done with this tree it's going to be AMAZING!!!! I can't WAIT to see!
This tree is located in the kitchen/dining area in front of one set of doors that goes out to the side porch. Oh, this tree is SO beautiful. She did SUCH a NICE job on it.
Joe made fun of Jim's 'Charlie Brown Christmas tree.' Joe is just used to our artificial tree for the past ohhhh, 10 years.
We NEVER had an artificial tree growing up but there are definately advantages to it!!
Bonnie made the most SCRUMPDILLICIOUS clam chowder. OH MY GOSH!! I could have eatten the ENTIRE POT!!!!
I like clam chowder but I LOVE this stuff!!!!!
The girls made cookies:
Here's Nikki and Kelsey probably trying to figure out what they're going to do........
There was baking stuff EVERYWHERE. I don't know how many DOZENS of cookies or how many different varieties of cookies we all made. here's Nikki have WAY too much fun 'peeling' hershey kisses--for the peanut butter blossoms. You KNOW you've GOT to have peanut butter blossoms at Christmas time!! :) Though we never called them that as kids.
And here's 'Em'....getting ready to grind up some almonds, I think. We were learning how to use Bonnie's food processor together. :) We got it though didn't we 'Em'?!?! :)
And the boys...........
Well, the BIG boys did what they BIG boys know how to do best---->
Watch the game and drink a few. :)
I must admit 'Jim-Bo', as Joe calls him, was a HUGE help. Bringing cookies out to the freezer and back and forth and back and forth......and in 'Jo-Jo's (as Jim-Bo calls him), defense he'd just worked that night and only had like an hour and a halfs worth of rest before we went up. So I guess relaxing with a brew or two and veggin' in front of the tv is warranted. :) They're good guys!!!
Here's Kelsey checking on her Gingerbead people......
I thought this was SUCH a cute picture. :)
--It IS Kelsey. She's just wearing Em's sweatshirt! LOL
Nickles making MORE cookies and Em testing the dough! LOL
Kels realizing how much she likes smoked gouda and brie!! :)
Bonnie and 'Em' checking on the, one platter of MANY, peanut butter balls before chocolate dipping. :)
Look at Emmy's feet. She MUST have the SMALLEST feet of ANYONE I know. She is 14 and wears a size 2 kids. NO KIDDING. That doesn't even translate into an adult size folks! Nikki picked up those little chick slippers, in the kids section. FOR SURE I didn't think they were going to fit her but THEY DID!!! Perfectly!!! I teased her that night. She's a twin so I told her, her brother must have hogged up ALL the room in the womb! LOL He's taller but just as thin as Em BUT he wears like a size 11!!!! hello?!
I worked the past 2 days so not much fun was had by me, as far as Christmas goes but I'm OFF today and tomorrow so it's catch up time! LOL We're going out as a family today to battle the crowds one last time before Christmas. I'm pretty much done we just need to get a few last minute things and the kids are going to pick out their gifts to each other. I figure we'll split up, shop, eat lunch, swap, shop and go home! Thank goodness we don't have MUCH to do! The little bit we DO have to do will likely take us better part of the day I imagine.
It's snowing out AGAIN so I guess we'd better get moving.
Merry Christmas to each of you
A HAPPY and prosperous New Year!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just a few photo's to share.....

Phew, it's been a busy week...
It's nice to have a few days off though I have a feeling these 'few days off' are going to be 'busy' too....but a FUN busy.
I'll share as we go along......
but for now this is all I've got....................

Salvador came over the other night with his dad, sister and his nephew, Ishmael. He has GOT to be the happiest baby ever. He is ALWAYS smiling. It was SO much fun playing with him but even MORE fun watching Salvador with him. Look the smile on Salvador's face. :)

Those pictures just make me smile......I love the way Salvador looks at him. And to see him holding him in can just feel how much he loves him!

Nikki cheered last night....I went after work(-one of the 'pluses' to working a day shift!) Here she is:
I'm not sure if this was the girl's varsity game or the boys varsity game....but it was at the beginning when they announce the players from each least Nikki's pony tail wasn't sticking STRAIGHT out last night. LOL

Mid-game when they came out and cheered in front of us. She's such a cutie pie!! I LOVE it when she smiles SO big and looks so happy!! :) You'd never guess she's a shy kid would you??

And one more......
I meant to crop this one and just didn't yet. Oh well.......
I was SO tired last night....and REALLY didn't feel like going out of my way to even take pictures!!
I had SO much fun at the game. I tell you, it seems to me game nights are really just socialization nights!! EVERYONE is out and about!! LOL
Another reason I really enjoy going!! Last night I sat with my sweet friend Brenda and her family. (I met Brenda when I worked at the hospital--what a blessing!!) What a SWEET, friendly and FUNNY family. Oh my gosh! Did I EVER laugh!!! Her husband just CRACKS ME UP!!!! I had so much fun and totally enjoyed myself...even though my BUTT hurt from sitting for SO long. I REALLY need to get one of those bleacher seat thingies if I'm going to continue to go to these games! LOL

I picked Salvador up after the game last night, he didn't want to go. He was at home snowboarding instead. :) It made my heart SO happy to see him having fun, enjoying himself and doing one of the things he likes best...snowboarding!!
This morning he got all geared up and he and Samuel went outside to play in the snow. I was planning to make it outside to take a few pictures of them but just didn't get there. Samuel didn't want his picture taken. He forgot his snow bibs at school and had to wear his snowsuit from last year. It fits but IS a little short. I guess it 'will do' for this weekend.
I LOVE these hats. Nikki has a few and hasn't cared for them until this year. Yippee!! Cuz SHE looks ADORABLE in them!! She had one on last night. I HOPE she'll wear it again today!! You KNOW I'll snap a picture of her if she does!!
I have a hair appt this afternoon and then a few errands to run with the kids. Nikki and I have a few things to check out for Santa...........
Have a GREAT weekend!!!
Until later..........

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am HOME again!!

For good this time!! :)
I was back to Wenatchee earlier this week for computer training for this new job of mine. WOW! LOADS of information. I HOPE I can remember just a quarter of it!! LOL I am SO impressed with this organization. WOW!! We'll see how I feel in a few months huh?! Yeah, I bet that's what a lot of you are thinking. LOL Well, if this orientation/training is a preview.....I think I'm gonna be pretty darned happy!! :)
One of the things we did last week was a 'personality test'. Some of you have probably done one before...I know I did in a Interpersonal Communications class I took. You go through 4 different groups: Extroversion vs. Introversion, Sensing vs. Intuition, Thinking vs. Feeling, and Judging vs. Perceiving. Each group has a list of qualities. You pick the ones that MOST suit you and which ever side has the most 'you' qualities is your 'preference'.
I am an ENFP: (Extrovesion/Intuition/Feeling/Perceiving). Most of you who know me probably wouldn't be very surprised. LOL
At the end, when you determine your 'groups', each one has an explaination, which SHOULD fit YOU AND a short list of 'Occupational Trends'. This is what it says of ENFP:
Warmly enthusiastic and imaginative. See life as full of possiblities. Make connectons between events and information very quickly, and confidently proceed based on the patterns they see. Want a lot of affirmation from others, and readily give appreciation and support. Spontaneous and flexible, often rely on their ability to improvise and their verbal fluency.
Occupational Trends: Counseling, Teaching, Religion, Arts
I think it 'fit's' me what do you think???

So, YES! I am home again. My family was SO happy to have me back and welcomed me with BIG hugs and kissses last night. It's SO nice coming home after being gone isn't it?? Everyone is SO happy to see you and have you home. Ahhhhh....
HOWEVER, the MESS that greated me wasn't quite so welcoming!!!! UGH!
So yes, I AM off today BUT GUESS what I'll likely be doing a BETTER part of the day?! MMMMhmmmmm........picking up/organizing/putting away/laundry etc.....
I am just THANKFUL that Anna (the SWEETHEART who cleans my house) is coming TOMORROW!!!!
It NEVER seizes to amaze me HOW MUCH of a MESS 2 children and ONE adult can make in a matter of just a few days!!!! BUT, you know what?? It's alright, cuz I LOVE 'em and THEY LOVE ME!!! What's a little...or A LOT....of mess among loved ones right? :)
I have a lunch date with a friend this morning (11:30) so I guess if I'm going to get ANYTHING accomplished I'd better scoot!!
I HOPE each of you are able to have some 'down time' to relax and enjoy the Season!!
I hope to be back with pics SOON.
Until next,
God's Blessings to EACH of you!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Home again, home again jiggity jig!!

What is THIS you ask??

Well, my blogging buddies THIS is a 'Li'l Yami' like the cup says and THIS my dear friends is ONLY THE BEST yogurt EVER! EVER I'm telling ya!!! If I could find it in the store I'd eat yogurt EVERY single day. For the REST of my life. I know plenty of you out there don't like yogurt. It's kind of one of those aquired taste's don't you think? I've never been a HUGE yogurt fan. My 'favorite' (before Yami of course) was the Yoplait, Light, Thick and Creamy. It was the ONLY yogurt I'd buy for me. The kids like and eat the Yoplait, Light but me...gotta be thick and creamy. Well, the hospital up here has 'Li'l Yami' and the kid's SCHOOL's have 'Li'l Yami' but I can't find it at the store. :( THAT makes Stacey a not so happy girl. BUT, while I was in Wenatchee this week, the hotel I stayed at had Li'l Yami's out EVERY morning as part of their breakfast. It just MADE me happy. I was a yogurt eattin' girl!! Stashed a few too. Shhhhhh! I MIGHT have enough to hold me through until I go back on Monday!!
Well, I'm doing my research TODAY to find out HOW I might go about getting Li'l Yami's to BUY so I can have them ALL the time! If ANY of you bloggin' buddies out there KNOW WHERE I can find Li'l Yami yogurt PLEASE let me know. I'd be EVER so thankful.
It IS GOOD to be home!!
We (Pam and I) got home yesterday evening....JUST IN time to make it for the bball games. Nikki was cheering so OF COURSE I was gonna go! Joe dropped Nikki off, met up with me--to return my camera-- and then he went home for a nap. He had to work last night. SO, Me and Sammo spent the night at the game(s). I saw my SWEET, SWEET friend Fay when we walked in and she invited us to sit with her so we did. I certainly wasn't going to turn down THAT invite!! :) SHE is just 'GOOD PEOPLE'. It was SO nice to catch up with her. Samuel took control of the camera and started clickin' away..........
Here we are.....
Do I look a LITTLE tired? Let me tell you, I WAS!
Yep. Those are NEW glasses folks....and YES, they are a little...(a little? HA!) crooked in this picture. Not so sure why? I don't know if I'd just put 'em back on or what but it's PRETTY darned obvious. LOL. Was I drunk too?!?! JOKING! No, I wasn't....although it's NOT sounding like a bad idea.......until of course when I think about how I'll feel the next day.
-Mental note to self--perhaps white isn't my color....LOOK at how pastey white I look. I mean I KNOW I'm fair complected but I didn't think I was THAT white. WOW!
Well, OF COURSE Samuel had to take a 'few'....a few?! More like 20, pics of himself. Yes folks we have a Nikki in training! LOL
Anyways, here's my little clown...
My camera is a little bulky for him I think so he didn't get real clear ones. My sweet little bobble-head. How can ya NOT just LOVE this kid?! :)
He got LOTS of pictures, he did. Many of them, did I say 'many'?? Yeah, most were blurry. But that's alright. He's 8 1/2 and just learning. So I'm cool with it. Besides, they're digital. Who cares?!?! I'm thinkin' though.....that HE is going to NEED his OWN camera here pretty darned quick. No better way to get better than to practice!
And here's one of 'beans'.....
That little 'wanna be pony tail' just CRACKS me up....pokin' straight out like that. LOL!!
OHhhhh, you should have seen the looks I got from her last night. She did NOT want me to be there. She gets embarrased in front of me and Joe. She can do her cheer stuff in front of, and WITH Samuel ALL NIGHT long but in front of me and Joe....mmmm NOPE! Well, she did GREAT and by the end of the night those glares were big smiles! I LOVE that girl!!! :)
Oh! Where's Salvador you ask????
Mmmmm......yeah.............LONG story. Not here.
Well, it's just about THAT TIME. Time to start getting the kids up and going. I think I have a pretty busy day ahead of me today. I haven't started a list yet, though I need to. Just THINKING about what all I NEED to try to get accomplished today has got me just a little overwhelmed.
ENJOY your Friday and thanks for stopp'in by!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Thursday!!

It's been a GREAT week! Boring at times, yes it's true, but IT IS orientation. :) Just being here at these classes, learning more about the organization I'm working for now......right now, I REALLY DO wish I'd done it sooner!!! I think me and this place are going to be a good fit. Now, keep in mind, I've said all this without ACTUALLY working yet. HA! But their principals---I'm on board!! This organization REALLY cares about their 'customers' AND their employees. NICE!
Joe left yesterday morning. Jury duty. 'Cept he called me about 10:00am and told me guess what???? Well, OF COURSE.......they dismissed him. :)
Turns out he NEEDED to be home anyways---oh the drama---but that's not a story for today....
The kids are GREAT!! Nikki stayed with a friend...had her FIRST game---she's cheering for the basketball team. She wasn't pleased with her performance BUT it was her FIRST game. She'll do better tonight. :) YES! She has ANOTHER game tonight, home, and HOPEFULLY we'll be home in time to make it!!!
Samuel stayed with my friend Sonia and her family. When Joe went to pick him up yesterday....he DIDN'T want to come home!!!! She, Sonia, is one of THE SWEETEST people I have EVER met. And her family.....AWESOME! You just can't help but LOVE them!!! I was going through some tough times about a year or so ago--God KNEW what I needed, or WHO....and then there was Sonia!!! :) I am SO THANKFUL for you Sonia!!! She's helped me through some tough times and ALWAYS keeps me focused on what's IMPORTANT!
Anyways, back to Samuel....He's only ever spent the night at his BF, Riley's, house so although I wasn't worried really....just wondered how he was going to do when it came time to go to bed. As it was, Sonia was OFF the first night--perfect!!! Well, he did great. Sonia 'momma'd' him just like his Momma does! :)
I'd HOPED to leave you with a few pictures.....ahem.....but it would SEEM my dear, lovely, wonderful husband TOOK my camera home with him. DOOFENSCHMIRTZ! <- (that 'word' is off some cartoon Samuel watches and it just STICKS!)...oh, and of COURSE, I say that ONLY in LOVE!!! :)
So, no pics. I've never uploaded pics from my phone. They just don't seem to be THAT great on my phone much less anywhere else. Maybe one day I'll give it a try but that day isn't today.
We didn't end up going to Leavenworth the other night either. Would you believe I came home and took a nap. Wouldn't believe it would you???? Well, I did. And by the time Joe was able to awaken me from my slumber, I didn't want to GET UP much less go to Leavenworth so we went to another local restaurant...The AppleWood Grill. It was alright. The service was great until we wanted to leave and then we couldn't get them TO COME and take our money....hmmmm. I had the 'Drunken Shrimp'. It wasn't bad....lots a a tequila, garlic, lime (butter) sauce. Joe had a salad...ohhh, if I could think of the name of the salad right now...but I can't. It was what he wanted....he was 'craving' salad. WHATEVER!
I shouldn't say that....I WAS craving a salad yesterday....that chicken, apple, walnut salad....ummmmmmmmmmmm. And let me just tell you, it HIT the SPOT. JUST what I wanted. Was it ever good. So I guess one CAN crave salad.
Well, we leave and go home today once class is over. Our manager/supervisor told us we could take tomorrow off if we wanted. SWEET!!! Don't have to tell US twice!!! Then we'll be BACK on Monday for more training, computer training for the week.
I'll be back sometime this weekend. I still want to post some Christmas pics. I took some pictures of some of MY favorite decorations. I just haven't taken the time to post them yet. Hopefully this weekend.
Have a WONDERFUL day!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This week......

I'll be in Wenatchee the greater part of this week for 'CORE Training/Orientation' for my NEW job!! Yesterday was my first day. It wasn't too bad but by the end of the day I was POOPED!! I went to be early, errr....FELL asleep early last night and NOW I CAN'T sleep! GRRRRR! I've been up since.....oh, 2:30am I think.......tossing and turning, turning and tossing. UGH!
One of the other girls who just got hired is here too...we carpooled together. She is VERY nice. I'm glad we're getting to know each other. She just moved here from California too and we're finding we have QUITE a bit in common!!!
This is where we went for dinner last night..........
I was introduced to McGlinn's, among other places, when I lived in Wenatchee while finishing school. The food is FABULOUS!
This is what I had last night:
(or should I say, what I took HOME from dinner! I was STUFFED!)
Smoked Salmon Fettuccini.....
Mmmmmmm, was it EVER DELICIOUS!!!
And guess who came down to join me for a few nights???
Yep! Joe!!! He's off the next 2 so he decided to come. The kids are staying with friends so it's just me and nice.
He goes shopping and what not during the day while I go to 'class'. HEY! What's wrong with THIS picture????? :)
I'm not real sure WHAT he did or WHERE he went yesterday--he did tell me but darned if I can remember.....Today I KNOW he's going to go to Hooked on Toys, probably for the DAY AND then to pick up one of Samuel's Christmas gifts!!! It's SO nice having HIM to take part and take care of some of that for me.
THIS is what Joe had for dinner:

Uhhhmm, Yeah...........It's GONE! He SCARFED!!!! It was the 'special' and it DID look scrumptious. Steak with a medley of peppers, onions and prawns overtop and some garlic mashed potatoes, a salad and of course their famous fresh beer bread. Mmmmm....I tasted one of his prawns and was it EVER yummy. It ALMOST made me wish I'd gotten the special too!! As you can tell, he THOROUGHLY enjoyed it!

I was HOPING to be able to meet up with my DEAR friend Kim while I was here.......for the WEEK....but darn it if she's working Mon-Wed!!! Ugh! I leave Thursday after class! Oh well............maybe, hopefully, next time?!Tonight we are planning on going to Leavenworth. We're supposed to get out of class a little early today so it will be PERFECT!!! And the plan is to go here for dinner:

I LOVE this place. If you're ever in the area or even CLOSE........GO!!!!! You WON'T be disappointed!!
Well, I suppose I'd better try to rest for a half hour or so before I start getting ready for the day.
Have a GREAT day!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sometimes I even surprise myself

We have LOTS of eagles around here, bald headed and juveniles, especially lately it seems. I've been seeing them on the islands and perching in a few of our trees on the river. I just don't ever seem to have my camera handy. Well, this morning I did. Samuel saw 'her' first. I took a few pics while she was perched in the tree and snapped this one right after she took flight but didn't think figure it would be that great of a shot--it was kinda a 'blind shot'. I was pleasantly surprised. Isn't she just BEAUTIFUL??? I NEVER tire of eagles. NEVER.

And I ALWAYS call them 'she' or 'her'. I don't know why. I just do!! You SHOULD be able to 'click on the pic' to enlarge it. Check it out. See if YOU can figure out what it is she's holding. We've had a few ideas--anything from a river rat to a squirrel to a small dog. Your guess....

As you can probably tell I didn't make it to church. I had GOOD intentions-just not good enough I suppose. I was talking to my mom and then my dear friend Kim called. I hadn't talked to her in a few weeks and we were catching up. I'm GLAD we had the opportunity to talk--Kim is one of those friends that you don't talk to every day and can still pick up right where you left off last time-- but I'm disappointed in myself that I missed church! UGH!

I DO have a few other pics I wanted to post today but I HAVE to go right now. NOW I REALLY DO hear the shower calling AND my kids! LOL

I'll be back........will you??

Until then.....

Smiles to you!

Sunday Morning..

I woke up this morning and came RIGHT up to my 'studio'.....why, I don't know....mmm, that's a lie. I know why.....I just don't really want to 'GO THERE' right now.....
Anyways, I went to check on a few BLOGS I've been following. That's ONE of the things about living on the West's three hours later on the East Coast. Moving right along.......I first went her latest post (Dec 5) and then HAD to go HERE to check it out. All I can say is 'WOW!' and encourage YOU to visit them too!!
I'd ORIGINALLY planned on sharing a few things this morning BUT that will have to wait until sometime later today. I'm going to get ready for church now and then I have some things to do with the kids after. I LOVE that I will have Sat/Sun off from now on. That means NO EXCUSES for NOT going to church for ANY of us--well, with the exception of Joe, of course, who DOES STILL work nights. And I'm thinking Sunday should be our 'family' day now....get all the 'chores' done on Saturday so Sunday we can go to the movies, bowling, for a LONG ride, WHATEVER.
Alright....well, I can HEAR the shower calling..........
Until later on..........