Saturday, January 24, 2009


I haven't posted in a while....I know.
Just a LOT of different things going on and I just haven't.....
BUT TONIGHT I HAVE to post!!!!
I ran into town earlier. I had to drop Nikki off at the school (away game) and then run to one of our local stores for a few items, who am I kidding... ALL the items, I needed for dinner. I haven't been 'BIG' grocery shopping in.....I can't even REMEMBER how long. I can't even stop to begin to think of how much money I probably could have saved because I'm sure it would only depress me......but that's NOT the point of this post........
....anyways.....I ran into my friend/fellow blogger/store owner Peggy. A while back I was one of the winners in Peggy's Comment Contest. We, the winners, were able to choose our prize. I, of course, being the 'bag lady' I, PROUDLY, am, chose the bag. Peggy wasn't quite finished with it.....but she is now and she dropped it off tonight!!!!

Look at the beautiful ribbon she had it wrapped in. OF COURSE I'll REUSE it, like Peggy suggested!! :)

And when I unwrapped it.................

I LOVE it!!!
Thank You Peggy!!!!
A million times over THANK YOU!!!!! :)
PLEASE jump over to Peggy's blog at
Colour de Jour to see better pics AND she has pics of the inside--GORGEOUS!!!!
HOPEFULLY sometime SOON it will work out that we can get together so she can teach and share her quilting skills with me!!!
Thanks again Peggy!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 16th Birthday Salvador!!!!!

January 1st was Salvador's 16th birthday!!!
Hamburgers are Salvador's FAVORITE FOOD.
Guess what kind of cake Nikki made for him????
Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that one out huh??

She made him a cheeseburger cake!!!
Isn't this GREAT??
She spent a good part of the day working on this cake while I took the boys shopping.
There are 3 cakes here, coconut, colored green, for the lettuce, chocolate cake with oreo's for the pattie, red and green gummies for the tomatoes and pickles and LOTS of buttercream frosting (ketchup, mustard and the bun). Oh.....and I took the picture before she put the rice krispies on top, for the sesame seeds!! I think she did a GREAT job. He was SO happy. He had NO idea she was making a cake much less a cake just for him for his birthday!!
Happy 16th Birthday Salvador!!!!!! :)
He wanted to know if he could take a bite out of his burger. I told him it was his....go ahead!!!!
I couldn't, still can't, imagine eating this cake. Do you know HOW much SUGAR is in THIS cake???
And his face AFTER munching into his burger cake!!
Nikki and Salvador

Happy New Year

We spent New Years Eve with some friends of ours....The Hickmans.
Joe and Jim knew each other and worked together in San a matter of fact, Nikki, Emmy and Jake went to the same preschool yet we didn't even know until just recently!!! Small world huh?!
Anyways....they moved up this way just over a year ago and we've been spending more and more time with them and this is where we spent our New Years Eve and New Years Day!!!

Here's Nikki with another friend's son, Anthony.
LOOK at how much shorter.......I mean, TALLER, Anthony is. She's SO petite.
Oh, and yes....that WOULD be a TANK top over top a hoodie.....weirdo. The girl can just make almost anything look good!!!

The kids playing Rock Band.
Emmy looks like such a pro doesn't she??

Bonnie bundled me ALL up to go snowmobiling. We had SO much FUN!!!!
I had SO many layers on I could barely walk but we had FUN!
So much fun I went out yesterday and bought a pair of snow pants that are MY SIZE, some wanna be Under Armour and a neck gaiter. I found THE NICEST pair of danners.......but they didn't have MY size!!! Grrrrrr
It's all good. I now have Joe on a mission.
--I like this pic of him.
He had SO much fun sledding, snowmobiling and snowboarding with the kids.
My beans!!!!
Isn't she ADORABLE!?!?!
Our beauty!
Joe going for a ride.
Joe and Salvador.
The cozy fire that kept us nice and warm while we were hanging out outside AND while we were watching the fireworks and drinking our champangne!!!!
Did someone say fireworks????? Teeheehee
Yes, we had fireworks.....and GOOD fireworks.
Bonnie and Jim ROCK!!!!! :)
(Salvador) Nikki & Emmy
Kelsey, Nikki and Emmy
I LOVE this picture of the girls.
Just LOOK at the expression on Nikki's face. It just makes me smile each time I look at it.
What the..............
This guy just CRACKS ME UP!!!!!!!
He is SOOOO funny and SUCH a good guy!!!
what can I say.........
It's Joe! LOL
Looks like he needs a little more somethin' somethin' in his glass to 'cheer's' with....
......or does he? LOL
Samuel had MORE fun sledding.
This kid LOVES sledding. I think ALL night long ALL he did was go sledding!!!
I LOVE this kid!!
'JoJo and Jimbo'
What a pair these two are! LOL
Nikki chuckled at this picture....she said Jim looks like Rudolph with that ruby red nose. LOL And LOOK at that CHEESY smile on Joe's face. LOL
And Jim with that flashlight!!!!!!
The morning affffffterrrr..............
I'd hoped to 'ring in the New Year'. I didn't BUT Joe DID!!!!
He spent a great part of Thursday sleeping and resting. That's what cha get when you want to 'over do it' a little....or, errrrrr A LOT!! Can't say I felt bad......AT ALL!!!!
Bonnie (and the girls) made the MOST delicious New Years dinner..
this beautiful Prime Rib, yummy mashed potatoes, the most delicious brussel sprouts I've EVER had....I SO need to try either 1) duplicate that recipe OR 2) just ask Bonnie for it!!! AND a huge garden salad I brought. Scrumptious!!!! Mmmmmm.
And don't let me forget the DELICIOUS
Creme Brulee Kelsey and Nikki made.
OH MY GOSH. Heavenly!!
You girls ROCK!!
We had SUCH a nice New Years Eve AND New Years Day....ESPECIALLY those of us who WEREN'T suffering a hangover. LOL

In between Christmas and New Years...

It's been kinda..... just busy around here working days now getting home about dinner time, cleaning up, getting Sammo ready for bed, and, uh.....falling asleep myself!!! I am LOVING the weekends!!! :)
I've been TRYING to take more pictures lately....some days I do better than others......
Here's my Sammo playing..................
Don't 'cha just
LOVE his outfit?!
I took this picture of Samuel through his bedroom window. I was checking on him and Ben (friend), they were sledding. I just LOVE that I caught this. :)
(Don't mind his one pink one gray cammo glove set! LOL) Must have been ALL that was dry.)
And here's Samuel and Ben making snowballs. I thought it was so cute how they put their sleds in the snow like shields, making and stacking snowballs waiting for Salvador to come out. I guess they pelted him with snowballs and he gave them whitewashes!!
Eh. They had FUN!!!
And finally........
...let me leave you with a picture of Joes maxin' and relaxin doin' what Joe enjoys most......well, almost......a CLOSE second anyways!! {grin}

Christmas Day

Would you believe I HAD to wake the kids Christmas morning!!!!!
We got home early in the morning Christmas Day from Sonia's so I FINALLY woke the kids about 10:30am to open gifts.
He and Salvador slept downstairs in the family room so Santa could come without waking them that was gonna be a worry. LOL

The tree Christmas morning.....
The kids decorated it pretty much by themselves this year.
They did a great job!!!

Samuel asked if Nikki could open his gift first. He was so excited for her to open what he got her. He picked out his gifts to her pretty much on his own.

Sammo opening his gift from Nikki...a Tommy 20, JUST WHAT HE WANTED!!! Just another something to make Fifi crazy!!!

Look at what Nikki got from Santa!!
She didn't actually GET HIM a few weeks. He's not quite old enough yet to leave his Momma. What she DID get was a few pictures of him, a doggie bed and a few toys. She's SO anxious to get him now though.
After much discussion and debate she's finally, I think decided on a name for the little fella.....
'Roo'. Doesn't he LOOK like a Roo?!?! I bought him a cute little jacket yesterday at WalMart but I'm pretty sure it'll be too big for him still. We'll see....

Sammo opening his XBox 360.
He was SO excited. He said he never expected he'd actually get it. I was SO happy he was surprised. He's even told me a few times since Christmas how surprised he was. And you should just see his face when he tells me. I can just TELL how happy he is!! He's wanted it since LAST Christmas when we said, 'No, you're too young for an XBox.' Well, it's the PERFECT gift for our gaming son!! He's had MORE fun with that XBox and his new 'gaming chair' since Christmas. I'm so happy he's happy!!!
Samuel playing the game Grandma and Grandpa Crosby sent for him. Would you believe my mom bought this same game for US when we were kids!!! NO KIDDING. We had more fun with this game. Even my Dad enjoyed playing it!! Samuel is no exception!! :)
And here's Salvador opening one of his gifts.....the DVD The Black Night. I guess it's a good movie??? I've not watched it but he's already watched it at least 5 times already!!!
And here he is.........
in living color!!!
Doesn't he just look SO happy here. Well, I'm SURE he was probably a little hung over!
Poor guy. HA!
And last but not least.......
I just HAD to include this picture of Salvador's nephew, Ismael (sp??) and his soon to be brother-in-law and Ismael's Daddy!!
He is 6 months old and SO stinkin' CUTE!!!
Look at that SMILE!!! I love it!!!! What a sweatheart!!!
That was OUR Christmas...a quiet Christmas at home with a few friends and loved ones.

Christmas Eve

WHAT A NIGHT!!!! is ALL I can say!!! LOL
We had SO much FUN!!!
Our friends, Sonia and Juan and Sonia's family invited us over. Sonia's mom made posole--Mmmmmm! AND tamales!!
I swear, these are some of THE NICEST people I've EVER met!!!
Here is Sonia's mom pouring the tequila down my throat!! LOL
OH MY GOSH we were SO silly!! LOOK at how RED my face was!! I was laughing SO stinkin' hard!!!

Me and my dear, sweet friend Sonia. We actually met a little more than a year ago at work but started REALLY becoming FRIENDS in February or so. She's been there for me through a lot this past year and I THANK GOD for her. She MUST be the sweetest most caring person I've ever met!! I'm just sorry we don't work together anymore.
Sonia and her little, errr, I mean BIG BOY Anthony!!!
Is he not ADORABLE!!!
Remember that tequila??? Teeheehee......Yes well........ a few drinks later and I was dancin', dancin', dancin!! LOL
And here's Nikki dancing with Sonia. If she were old enough to drink it sure would have made it easier to get her up there dancing!! LOL
She can be so shy.
FINALLY we got her to dancing too!!!
She's gotta learn to dance by July!!!
Samuel and Sonia.
He just LOVES Sonia!!!! Look at that BIG smile on his face!!! :)
Nikki and Tito, one of Sonia's twin brothers.
He is SUCH a nice guy and SO sweet and kind!!!
Sammo being the CLOWN he is!!!
Sonia and Tito.
This is just one of the sweetest photo's I think....
brotherly/sisterly love
Anthony again!!
I love this pic of him.
I NEED to enlarge this one for Sonia.
And Tito again......
He taught me how to do this thing with MY tongue!!! LOLOL
So THAT was OUR Christmas Eve.....FUN FILLED!!!!
For those of you who DON'T know, Joe's family is in Texas and mine is in Connecticut, so we don't usually celebrate with family, although my mom, dad and youngest brother have come out once or twice to spend Christmas with us. So it was REALLY nice having Sonia and her family to celebrate with this year!!