Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sammo being his goofy little self. Man I tell you, this little man bring my heart more joy than is even imaginable!!! :) He is SO funny and will do almost anything for a laugh sometimes!! :)
Nikki just got her hair done the other day.......I think you can see better in person but.............
She's just as beautiful as ever.....and as always.....her own best subject!!!

Nikki is cheering again this year.
That would be her on top of Jessica!
She continues to be such a good girl.
We are SO proud of her. She had some rough times the beginning of the year this year but is BETTER now. Girls and HS just aren't the best fit sometimes!!!
I took the kids to see La Boutique Fantasque at the PAC in Omak.
We had SUCH a NICE time.
What a WONDERFUL ballet!!!

I haven't been staying as up to date on my blogging as I should be. I tend to find myself on Facebook a LOT more than I do blogger anymore. Heck! I don't even know if anyone even still reads this blog. LOLOL
I'm only working part time right now which I am TOTALLY loving!!!! I THINK I have found the PERFECT solution for me!! :) I'm still busy but able to get more done at home, WITH the kids and IN Sammo's classroom.
I'd thought about it for some time and decided that I have the rest of my life to work BUT our children are only young ONCE and ME spending this time with them is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT to me than working and 'trying to keep up with the Jones'", if ya know what I mean?!?! SO.....I might not get the new siding and deck as soon as I would have liked (thanks also in part to our heat pump that decided to die a few months ago) BUT I AM now able to work in Samuel's class every week AND BE THERE for the kids when they need me, not to mention home to make dinner almost every night!! IT's only been a little over a month but already I've noticed a HUGE change in the kids AND in Joe!!! I prayed about it and have gotten and continue to get more and more confirmation that at least for now, this IS the right choice for me!!
Just like me, I've decided to get myself involved in multiple projects at the SAME if that weren't bad enough it's Christmas time!!! What was I thinking?!?! :)
I'm in the process of moving my scraproom YET AGAIN!!! Poor Joe....he's right....I've had my scraproom in almost EVERY room of the house. HOPEFULLY, this will be the last move??? Only time will tell. :)
Hopefully I will stay on top of my blogging starting today!!!
Until next time...........
Merry Christmas!!