Friday, August 7, 2009

Nikki TRYING to put the tent together.
Talk about evening entertainment!!
I just KNEW it would be a good photo-op!

Roo and Cocoa.....
Did I forget to mention along the way we got ANOTHER dog?? This is Cocoa...Roo's litter-mate. Believe it or not!

Sammo and my Dad.
My dad came to pick up my niece, in Idaho, so we met up half way to visit for the day.
I LOVE my Dad!!

the GORGEOUS roses my friend Sonia sent me for my birthday!!!!

Washington National Cathedral

Nikki and I went with her class to Washington DC
**Changing of the Guard**

Nikki and Bodie at Graduation.
CONGraTULATIONS 2009 Seniors!!

Samuel after they won FIRST PLACE at the tournament

Nikki & Brandi at The May Day Parade

Founder's Day Rodeo

The Amazing Cusacks

My Sammo

my beans in front......
not the BEST pic I have but.

My dear sweet friend Sonia giving out candy at the parade.......

Founder's Day Parade

Familia Padilla pics

Joe getting the garden ready

Nikki's first ride in a limo.....

Griselda's Quince....

Well look what the cat drug in.......!
It's been like SIX months since my last blog post.
Talk about neglect!
Soooooooo........what's been going on here........
Well, lets see.....
March brought Sammo's 9th BABY....

This was the cupcake cake we brought to school. I'd bought a bag of army guys for him to put on top...TOTALLY forgetting the 'no guns in school' rule. Oooops. Guess the tank wasn't a good idea either. But COME ON! He's a 9 year old BOY.....He LOVES Army stuff!!!
Born on the VERY same day as Samuel was my God-Son Kayden.
I met up with him and his sweet Momma and my DEAR friend Tonya for a Birthday lunch:

We went for Mexican.


Isn't he just the CUTEST!!!!!

Also in March was WinterFest:
Of COURSE Nikki went....
Heaven forbid she miss an event where she would get to dress up and get purrrty! :)
Here she is with her two BFF's....Brandi on the far left and Kyndra on the far right. That's Nikki in the blue and Bodie...the Sr. ALL the girls drooled over.... :)
He IS a cutie pie and WHAT a nice kid!!!!
April brought Nikki's birthday. No pics....actually I DO have a few pics somewhere. Brandi and Laz came over for a bit and we did a special 'cake' for her........i'll have to look for those pics!!
Then there was Prom.....
GUESS who asked NIKKI to Prom?!?!?!


Poor guy. He was sick with a cold.....but still cute as ever!!! :)

And look at my baby.......
isn't she just BEAUTIFUL?!?!

Yep! She was diggin' blue this year!

The boys came over and made dinner and dessert for the girls. Then they got ready and off they went............
(Dustin & Brandi, Nikki and Bodie)
I love how the girls are holding hands. :)

Then of course there was

Scrapbook Retreat!
Can't WAIT for October!!!!
more to come next post...............