Saturday, October 3, 2009

So.......this was pretty much our Sept....


So THIS was the END of August and The First Day of School.....

Nikki wasn't in such a wonderful picture taking mood this day and although I DO have some pictures of my little beauty from the first day......I thought I'd just go with Sammo instead.

He's such a ham and LOVE, LOVE, LOVES this tree!!!

Here's my beauty....not on the FIRST day but on picture day. She took it with her phone and then just emailed it to me.


My friend Sarah.

ANOTHER beauty!!!!

We met when we both worked at the hospital. Strangely enough, neither of us do anymore.

She is beautiful....inside and out. Her dress was beautiful and the flowers and colors GORGEOUS!!!!

I'm NOT a crier at weddings....just not. But I've gotta tell ya....I teared up at this one. :)

Our little Roo Bear.

He's hilarious.

I don't know HOW many pictures of him I took this day but he had me crackin' UP!

And Sammo on his 'almost tonsil's out day'.

Yes. We went to Wenatchee to have his tonsils yanked....HALF way to Wenatchee he started sounding snuffly to me but assured me he 'wasn't getting sick' he 'just had a stuffy nose'. Yeah......well....they didn't want to put him to sleep being stuffy and all. UGH. Well, postpone we will. Better to be safe than sorry!!! is the nurse putting his name band on. :)
Hard to believe that October is here already BUT indeed it IS!!!
I HOPE to be better about posting and keeping our blog up to date. If not this month, most definately NEXT month!!! :)