Friday, August 7, 2009

Nikki TRYING to put the tent together.
Talk about evening entertainment!!
I just KNEW it would be a good photo-op!

Roo and Cocoa.....
Did I forget to mention along the way we got ANOTHER dog?? This is Cocoa...Roo's litter-mate. Believe it or not!

Sammo and my Dad.
My dad came to pick up my niece, in Idaho, so we met up half way to visit for the day.
I LOVE my Dad!!

the GORGEOUS roses my friend Sonia sent me for my birthday!!!!

Washington National Cathedral

Nikki and I went with her class to Washington DC
**Changing of the Guard**

Nikki and Bodie at Graduation.
CONGraTULATIONS 2009 Seniors!!

Samuel after they won FIRST PLACE at the tournament

Nikki & Brandi at The May Day Parade

Founder's Day Rodeo

The Amazing Cusacks

My Sammo

my beans in front......
not the BEST pic I have but.

My dear sweet friend Sonia giving out candy at the parade.......

Founder's Day Parade

Familia Padilla pics

Joe getting the garden ready

Nikki's first ride in a limo.....

Griselda's Quince....


Stacey said...

Those were the WORST blog posts EVER. I know........
just trying to get 'caught up!'

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

It's hard to get caught up, I can relate! Life gets in the way! Thanks for posting though! :)